Other Wall Finishes

Your interior rooms provide the windows to your everyday world!  Allow Painting-in-Faux to assist you with choosing paint colors and finishes.  Whether you want a fabulous color palette before painting or desire an intricate stylized finish – we can make it happen! No matter what your decor style (modern, eclectic, contemporary, traditional, etc.), choosing the correct colors creates a great foundation for design harmony!

Soft Grey Plaster Luster Stone wall to compliment gorgeous dining room

Soft Grey Metallic  Luster Stone Wall Finish compliments this gorgeous dining room.

Four layered metallic entry hallway.

Four layered metallic entry hallway greet guests with sophistication.

LaMali Bark Finish for an elegant effect – great finish that can be applied over old wallpaper!  Texture can add depth and elegance to a room.

Pull-off Stone Finish  (4 step process)  using soft blues and cream.


Silver Metallic Powder Room Wall Finish – sophisticated + elegant.

Tone-on-Tone Stripes – Timeless Finish – adds instant height to a room!

La Mali Tissue Finish (great application over that old wallpaper!)

Leather Wall Finish – great for dens, studies or sitting rooms.

Tone-on-Tone stripes with metallic paints – instant wow factor!

Sandstone Finish – worn and warm look for powder room bath

3 Color Metallic wall glaze – warm, rich, and relaxed elegance (featured in Aug., 2013 Home Improvement Magazine)

Venetian Plaster with Silver Metallic and Wax

Soft grey venetian plaster – great reflective qualities!

Luster Stone – copper and brown suede (can be applied over flat paint)