Other Wall Finishes

Your interior rooms provide the windows to your everyday world!  Allow Painting-in-Faux to assist you with choosing paint colors and finishes.  Whether you want a fabulous color palette before painting or desire an intricate stylized finish – we can make it happen! No matter what your decor style (modern, eclectic, contemporary, traditional, etc.), choosing the correct colors creates a great foundation for design harmony!

Soft Grey Plaster Luster Stone wall to compliment gorgeous dining room

Soft Grey Metallic  Luster Stone Wall Finish compliments this gorgeous dining room.

5-Color Metallic finish for the niche’ and ceiling, combined with the light glazing of  great architectural trim, truly bring this dining rooms to its full potential!

Multi-layered metallic finished  niche’ and ceiling – fabulous for those special dinners and holidays.   Utilize your homes  potential by combining soft finishes or grandiose – whatever makes you happy!

LaMali Bark Finish for an elegant effect – great finish that can be applied over old wallpaper!  Texture can add depth and elegance to  your rooms.


Pull-off Stone Finish  (4 step process)  using soft blues and cream.


Silver Metallic Powder Room Wall Finish – sophisticated + elegant.

Tone-on-Tone Stripes – Timeless Finish – adds instant height to a room!

La Mali Tissue Finish (great application over that old wallpaper!)

Leather Wall Finish – great for dens, studies or sitting rooms.

Tone-on-Tone stripes with metallic paints – instant wow factor!

Sandstone Finish – worn and warm look for powder room bath

3 Color Metallic wall glaze – warm, rich, and relaxed elegance (featured in Aug., 2013 Home Improvement Magazine)

Venetian Plaster with Silver Metallic and Wax

Soft grey venetian plaster – great reflective qualities!

Luster Stone – copper and brown suede (can be applied over flat paint)